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We have a Full time opening for an X-ray Technician, Correctional/Contractual to begin immediately at the following facilities. The starting wage is $38.50/hour. This position is eligible for overtime and holiday pay.

  • Alger Correctional Facility
  • Marquette Correctional Facility
  • Baraga Correctional Facility

The X-ray technician is responsible for operating X-ray and fluoroscopic equipment for assisting radiologists and/or physicians with diagnosing and/or treating disease and/or injury

* A pre-employment physical, 2 step TB test, and drug screen are required.


  • Associates degree in Radiological technology
  • Certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in radiography
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of diagnostic radiographic procedures
  • Knowledge of basic chemistry, film apparatus and film processing techniques
  • Knowledge of how disease and injuries are diagnosed and imaged radiographically
  • Knowledge of human anatomy
  • Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions applicable to work
  • Ability to lift and position patients for the type of X-ray procedure required
  • Ability to set up and operate radiographic and fluoroscopic equipment
  • Ability to clean, maintain and make minor adjustments to equipment
  • Ability to notice detail in drawings and differences in shapes and shadings
  • Ability to keep and maintain records
  • Able to communicate effectively
  • Ability to maintain favorable public relations

Job Responsibilities:

  • Set up and operate radiographic equipment used in the medical diagnosis and/or treatment of patients.
  • Selects proper ionizing factors for radiological diagnosis
  • Adjusts and sets radiographic controls, such as kilovoltage and milliamperage to prescribed specifications for proper timing of exposure, regulates the length and intensity of file exposure
  • Positions and restrain patients and takes X-rays of patients’ chest, limbs or other parts of the by as requested by physicians
  • Implements infection control procedures for the work area
  • Checks x-rays for clarity of image, retaking when necessary
  • Develops, fixes, washes and dries exposed films using file processing and drying equipment
  • Maintains required patient records
  • Distributes files to appropriate medical staff
  • Maintains quantity and quality control checks to assure X-ray unit meets standards required by law, rules and departmental policies
  • Performs radiographic procedures for patients in surgery
  • Cleans maintains and make minor adjustments to radiographic equipment
  • Protects patients and other personnel from radiation hazards
  • Maintains radiographic supplies, film, and equipment
  • Administers contract media to patients for gastrointestinal and other special studies
  • Makes medical appointments with community hospitals for patients needed special examinations such as CAT scans, ultrasound and nuclear medicine.
  • Performs related work as assigned

General Requirements:

  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must have working phone/cell phone
  • Must be an organized person
  • Must be kind, neat and professional
  • Must be RELIABLE and dependable

Physical requirements:

  • Heavy work exerting 50-100 pounds of force occasionally and/or 25 pounds of force frequently to move objects, including the human body.
  • Standing/walking: Must stand/walk frequently to accomplish tasks. May also choose to sand while completing administrative duties
  • Lifting: Must frequently raise objects, including the human body, horizontally from position to position.
  • Pushing/pulling: Must occasionally use upper extremities to push and/or pull objects, including the human body, in a sustained motion, including administration of Basic Cardiac Life Support if providing Infusion Therapy Services.
  • Climbing: Must frequently ascend and descend stairs, uneven surfaces, or obstacles that may be located indoors or outdoors, and may not be handicap-accessible. Stooping/kneeling/crouching: Must frequently stoop, kneel, or crouch during the provision of patient care, including administration of Basic Cardiac Life Support.
  • Balancing: Must maintain balance that is necessary for ordinary locomotion and body equilibrium.
  • Sitting: Must sit frequently when traveling to patients’ homes and may also choose to sit while completing administrative duties.
  • Reaching: Must frequently reach to administer patient care services, treatments and procedures.
  • Fingers/Grasps: Must frequently use fingers and/or grasp objects, including medical supplies/equipment, the human body and writing utensil.
  • Feeling: Must frequently touch objects including the human body, to perceive attributes such as size, shape, temperature, or texture.
  • Talking: Must frequently exchange information in person and on the telephone to patients, doctors, family members, and co-workers by means of the spoken word.
  • Sensory Needs: Must possess fine motor skills, visual acuity (including near and far vision), for color discrimination and depth perception and those senses necessary for patient evaluation/assessment, communication and driving, including sight, tough, hearing and smell.
  • Repetitive Motions: Must frequently use upper and/or lower extremities in respective motions, including writing and driving.

Working Conditions:

  • Positions are located primarily in correctional and community health facilities
  • Employees may be exposed to disease, radiation, and toxic chemicals in the course of performing work

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Salary: $38.50 per hour


  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Referral program


Medical specialties:

  • Radiology



  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift
  • Overtime


Travel requirement:

  • No travel
Max. file size: 195 MB.

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